I launched this website in April 2017. Here you can utilize memory training tools that I've assembled with over 200 hours of study and practice over the past 12 months. I put this stuff together for my own knowledge, so I figured, why not share it!

Memory Conqueror is a small website by a memory adventurer. I got introduced to memory training a few years ago, but only in the last 12 months have really pursued it as I began to learn languages, and I decided I didn't want to spend the time learning something, if I couldn't remember it, so the time was right to dive into memory training hard. Not including the time I put into actually utilizing the systems, I've put in over two hundred hours into researching, studying, and testing different memory systems (like the Major System, Dominic Method, Ben System, Method of Loci, Peg Lists, etc). I try my best to keep track of the time on all my various projects in life, so below is a screenshot of the hours:

from 2016        to-date 2017    

In this pursuit of memory training, I've read books, forums, and websites, seeing what other people have come up with, and I've learned a lot. I've put together dozens and dozens of spreadsheets, and dozens and dozens of Anki decks. The community has been good to me, so in an effort to return the favour, this is my way to share what I've learned and already put together.

Templates lists for memory / mnemonic systems:

  • Dominic System (including: Dominic PAO and Dominic PAOWS)
  • Major System (including: Major peg lists, and Major PVAO)
  • Peg Lists (Concrete & Rhyming & Military & Shape Alphabet, Concrete & Rhyming Numbers)
  • Ben System
  • PAO