I am interested in learning to improve my memory. This has been on my mind for years, but due to one reason or another, there was never enough motivation or time to dig into it. I'm currently on a mini excursion/vacation staying in a village in South Moldova...yes, South Moldova with a Russian hippie learning about perma-culture gardens and eating some of the freshest foods I've ever seen in my Western city slicker life.

So, I've got some time and I've got the recent motivation - desire to pursue new languages but not spend a bunch of time learning, only to forget everything later. So it's time to start understanding memory. 

I spent a few days researching memory improvement, memory training, seeing what the experts do and then  learned about a number of systems that exist already. Clearly this niche is buzzing with activity. Major Systems, Dominic System, Linking Method, Peg List, Memory Palaces, Locis, etc. at the onset, I had no way to distinguish them from each other, but now that I've spent a few days learning, I've got a better general understanding on them. 

Below is the list of the articles that helped me in this process. Not saying this is exhaustive or anything special, it's just the links I read that I found useful in helping me get a better understanding of this topic of interest. 
After I reviewed all the individual articles, which explained similar things in different ways to begin to help me grasp the concepts better, I began to notice that I was circling around a couple of 'hub' resources that I feel explained things well and had a lot of information. 
Good Hub Resources/Overviews:
Individual Reading Material 
Dominic Lists
Memory Palace
Ben System 
Major System
http://major-system.info/en/ - Word Generator
Playing Card Systems
Memory Tools
Speed Reading
Memory Games
Study Plans / Methods: Link, Peg, and Rhyme
After I spent a few days digesting these videos and articles (and took good notes) I feel comfortable with the fuzzy boundaries of what is currently known (as far as memory systems) and is popularly being pursued by memory aficionados. Now I need to come up with a gameplan.