This is a full 100 loci memory palace that I created based on scenes from one of my favorite movie franchises: the Jason Bourne Trilogy (Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and the Bourne Ultimatum). Locis have been created by unique consecutive scenes that start from the first scene in the first movie in the trilogy and ends with the last scene in the last movie. What better memory palace than one associated to the master of unconscious skill, Bourne. This is only for the hardcore Bourne fans. Hope you like it!

The format for this is:
Loci # | Scene General Location | Scene Specific | [Bourne Movie]

You can copy and paste below into your own spreadsheet, or you can download the csv file or Anki deck (with scene screenshots). 


Loci Info
0 Mediterranean - Bourne in water - Bourne floating in water [Bourne Identity]
1 Mediterranean - Bourne pulled on ship - Crew thinks he's dead, then he comes alive [Bourne Identity]
2 Boat - Operating Room - Giancarlo operates, finds bullet wounds after cutting open suit [Bourne Identity]
3 Boat - Inside the boat - Bourne ties the ship knots, 'no it's not coming back, goddamn it, that's the point' [Bourne Identity]
4 Boat - Boat Deck - Giancarlo money to Bourne at dock [Bourne Identity]
5 Train to Switzerland - Bourne on train to Switzerland [Bourne Identity] -
6 Zurich - Park Police fight - Park bench police fight [Bourne Identity]
7 Swiss bank - front entrance - Bourne enters bank, Red hair in bun Swiss woman 'Just enter your account number here, I'll direct you to appropriate officer' [Bourne Identity]
8 Swiss bank - hand id - Bourne's hand for identification at bank [Bourne Identity]
9 Swiss bank - private room - Bourne discovers his various passports [Bourne Identity]
10 Swiss bank - one-way glass - Bourne leaves the bank, Man watching through one
11 Zurich - US embassy front entrance - Bourne walking into embassy because police are tailing him. [Bourne Identity]
12 Zurich - US embassy teller - USA Embassy Marie Complaining, Scene Buildup [Bourne Identity]
13 Zurich - US embassy main lobby fight - Red Bag, You Red Bag, Stop Right there [Bourne Identity]
14 Zurich - US embassy assault weapon room - US Embassy Marines grabbing assault weapons [Bourne Identity]
15 Zurich - US embassy fire exit - Bourne hangs from fire exit [Bourne Identity]
16 Zurich - US embassy parking lot - Bourne paying Marie for a ride "I'll give you $10k to drive me to Paris" [Bourne Identity]
17 Driving to Paris from Zurich - Bourne and Marie - Driving Scene to Pairs with Marie 'What like Amnesia?' [Bourne Identity]
18 Driving to Paris from Zurich - restaurant dinner - Restaurant scene, Bourne shows his skills. 'i come in here and I'm catching the sidelines looking for an exit. I can tell you the license plate numbers of all 6 cars outside' [Bourne Identity]
19 Paris - Bourne's house front entrance - Old lady answers the door to his apartment [Bourne Identity]
20 Paris - Bourne's house's office - Bourne in his apartment on the phone, asking for John Michael Kane, informed he's died. 'There was an accident on the highway, he died instantly' 'did his brother leave a number or a way to get in touch with him' ? [Bourne Identity]
21 Paris - Bourne's house hallway knife - Bourne in his Pairs apartment sensing impending danger, drops knife on the floor [Bourne Identity]
22 Paris - Bourne's house office fight - Bourne breaks Castel's arm in the office and stabs finger in his hand [Bourne Identity]
23 Paris - train station - Bourne in the Train station at Paris looking at spinnning train schedule board. [Bourne Identity]
24 Paris - car chase - Bourne telling Marie to go to the Police station, with Police coming around [Bourne Identity]
25 Paris - Car parkade - Bourne parks in parkade 'you can never come back to this car. Do you have a scarf?' [Bourne Identity]
26 Paris - bathroom cutting hair - Bourne and Marie scene cutting hair [Bourne Identity]
27 Paris - bedroom bourne / marie - Bourne and Marie making love [Bourne Identity]
28 Paris - apartment cleaned - Bourne wipes the apartment clean, Marie wakes up, Bourne is acting nerdy [Bourne Identity]
29 Paris - bridge looking at phone records - Marie on the bridge across from the hotel getting phone records 'you just asked for them? oh, ok, good thinking' [Bourne Identity]
30 Paris - payphone - Bourne on the payphone making calls from the phone record [Bourne Identity]
31 Paris - Alliance Securities - Bourne visiting Alliance Securities ship builders. 'Mr, Kane, Mr. Kane, so good to see you' 'you're still interested in the ship?' [Bourne Identity]
32 Paris - coffee shop - Bourne and Marie in the restaurant. Bourne figures out he's Michael Kane also looking at the paperwork of the boat, Marie confirms body is at morgue [Bourne Identity]
33 Paris - morgue - Bourne/Marie look at empty morgue container. [Bourne Identity]
34 Paris - Wombosi apt. dead - Bourne and Marie standing in front of the apartment. Bourne sees Wombosi is dead and reads the newspaper that he's an assassin. [Bourne Identity]
35 Farmhouse - front door - Front entrance of Farm House. Kicking into front door. [Bourne Identity]
36 Farmhouse - dinner - Dinner at the farmhouse [Bourne Identity]
37 Farmhouse - bedroom with kids - Bourne watching the baby sleep at the farmhouse [Bourne Identity]
38 Farmhouse - living room finds gun - Bourne pulls out the shotgun from family room [Bourne Identity]
39 Farmhouse - oil explodes - Farm House outside backyard Bourne shoots the oil barrel [Bourne Identity]
40 Farmhouse - running through field being sniped - Clive Owen on hill tries to snipe Bourne running through forest [Bourne Identity]
41 Farmhouse - shooting birds - Bourne shoots over the field, the birds fly over the grass [Bourne Identity]
42 Farmhouse - clive dies - Clive dies on ground of grass. 'Look at this, Look at what they make you give' [Bourne Identity]
43 Farmhouse - kitchen table 'code in' - Kitchen table.Bourne goes through asset's bag to see what he was carrying, finds phone 'Code in' [Bourne Identity]
44 Paris - rooftop watching cia - Bourne on rooftop sees CIA assets crawling all over the bridge. [Bourne Identity]
45 Paris - CIA safehouse confront Conklin - Bourne comes around the corner gun drawn to Conklin.Bourne "You move, you die" [Bourne Identity]
46 Paris - CIA safehouse top of stairs - Bourne fights paris police top of stairs [Bourne Identity]
47 Greece - Bourne finds Marie in Greece [Bourne Identity] -
48 Goa - Bedroom - discussing Bourne's memories [Bourne Supremacy]
49 Goa - beach run - bourne running on the beach [Bourne Supremacy]
50 Goa - Bourne market - sees assassin in car [Bourne Supremacy]
51 Goa - Bourne in jeep grabs Marie - sees russian assassin at beach [Bourne Supremacy]
52 Goa - Jeep on Bridge - marie assassinated [Bourne Supremacy]
53 Goa - Jeep underwater - marie floating [Bourne Supremacy]
54 Goa - Apartment - cleaning out the apartment, burning Bourne/Marie pictures/ passports [Bourne Supremacy]
55 Italy - American Customs - CIA interview room with Bourne [Bourne Supremacy]
56 Italy - Bourne in car - listening to Pamela Landy talk to CIA operative that Jason Bourne killed a highly experienced field office, i want the area secured right now, i will call back and i better be impressed; [Bourne Supremacy]
57 Munich - Treadstone's Jarda House - Bourne ties Jarda's hands and Jarda says he called it in [Bourne Supremacy]
58 Munich - Treadstone Jarda Bourne House Fight - Fight in the house between Jarda and Bourne [Bourne Supremacy]
59 Munich - Bathroom - Bourne cleaning blood from hands [Bourne Supremacy]
60 Berlin Train Station - Bourne puts bag away and tries to track Pamela Landy by calling hotels [Bourne Supremacy] -
61 Berlin - Bourne in Pamela's Hotel - using reception to call her to find her room [Bourne Supremacy]
62 Berlin - Bourne on Rooftop - Bourne ready to snipe Pamela Landy in operations room [Bourne Supremacy]
63 Berlin - Bourne in the tram during protest - grabs Nicky from the train [Bourne Supremacy]
64 Berlin - Subway with Nicky - Bourne interrogating Nicky about who is Pamela Landy, and when was I in Berlin [Bourne Supremacy]
65 Berlin - In Internet Cafe - Bourne searching on Neski files with early Google [Bourne Supremacy]
66 Berlin - Hotel Brecker Lobby - bourne checks in, asks for room 645 [Bourne Supremacy]
67 Berlin - Hotel Brecker Room 645 - Bourne relives the assassination [Bourne Supremacy]
68 Berlin - Street chase - Bourne evades the police in Berlin [Bourne Supremacy]
69 Berlin - Street Chase Metro full of cops - Bourne gets on metro to escape, but leaves [Bourne Supremacy]
70 Berlin - Garbage Ship - Bourne jumps on ship [Bourne Supremacy]
71 Berlin - Underneath Bridge - Bourne uses hook to climb up bridge [Bourne Supremacy]
72 Berlin - In Conklin's hotel room - Bourne confronts Conklin gets confession with tape recorder [Bourne Supremacy]
73 Moscow - Taxi at Moscow Voksal - take me to this address, pay in Rubles. Dollars [Bourne Supremacy]
74 Moscow - Neski girl's house - Bourne finds out she doesn't live there [Bourne Supremacy]
75 Moscow - Bourne shot under bridge - Bourne shot by FSB double agent [Bourne Supremacy]
76 Moscow - Supermarket - Bourne grabs Vodka and a map and is confronted by security [Bourne Supremacy]
77 Moscow - Bourne steals taxi in front of police - Bourne spits vodka in cops' face [Bourne Supremacy]
78 Moscow - Taxi car chase - Bourne chased through Moscow by FSB agent [Bourne Supremacy]
79 Moscow - End Car Chase in tunnel - Bourne kills FSB agent [Bourne Supremacy]
80 Moscow - Neski girls house - Bourne admits to Neski girl that he killed Neski [Bourne Supremacy]
81 Moscow - Train Police chase - Bourne running in between cars on the train to escape [Bourne Ultimatum]
82 Moscow - Pharmacy - cleaning wounds [Bourne Ultimatum]
83 Train to London from Moscow - Bourne reading Simon Ross' article on Jason Bourne [Bourne Ultimatum] -
84 London - Train station - Bourne meets Simon Ross gives him cell phone [Bourne Ultimatum]
85 London - Side entrance in London Train Station - bourne tells Simon, 'this is not a story, this is real' before he gets sniped [Bourne Ultimatum]
86 London - Sniper gets away on metro - bourne watches him leave on subway [Bourne Ultimatum]
87 London - Internet cafe London - Bourne Googles information on ross' notes [Bourne Ultimatum]
88 Madrid - CIA office Madrid - bourne discovers photo of Conklin and Daniels in safe [Bourne Ultimatum]
89 Madrid - Restaurant on ferry - Nicky and Bourne talking about their lover past [Bourne Ultimatum]
90 Tangiers - Bourne car bomb - Bourne tries to stop Daniels from driving but is blown up by a car bomb [Bourne Ultimatum]
91 Tangiers - Market - Arab Asset is chasing Nicky through Tangiers [Bourne Ultimatum]
92 Tangiers - house fight - Bourne jumps through window and fightsArab asset and kills him. [Bourne Ultimatum]
93 NYC - Bourne in NYC spying on Landy - Landy tells bourne his real neame is Webb. 'I owe you an apology, is that official, no, off the record) [Bourne Ultimatum]
94 NYC - Bourne in Vosen's office - Bourne getting documents from safe of Noah Vosen [Bourne Ultimatum]
95 NYC - Bourne drives off roof in car - to escape the police chase, he drives off the roof [Bourne Ultimatum]
96 NYC - Bourne steals police car - cops stop Bourne, hands up, but CIA starts shootout with cops, Bourne escapes [Bourne Ultimatum]
97 NYC - Car Chase - NYC Asset tries to kill Bourne in high speed chase [Bourne Ultimatum]
98 NYC - front entrance of RSD 415 71st st - Bourne gives Landy the documents he got from the safe [Bourne Ultimatum]
99 NYC - Behaviour modification room at RSD - Bourne meets Dr. Albert Hirsch to relive his birth as Jason Bourne [Bourne Ultimatum]
100 NYC - Rooftop of RSD - Bourne evades assassin by jumping over edge [Bourne Ultimatum]


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