This is an alphabet peg list using objects that mimic the shape of the letter it represents; based off Gary Lanier's alphabet. 

You can copy and paste below into your own spreadsheet, or you can download the csv file. 



Letter Image
A oil derrick
B yoke for oxen flipped up 90 degrees left.
C sled extend the bottom part of the C to the right in a straight line
D bow and arrow
E book shelf side view
F double tier diving board or an F wrench that plumbers use.
G Golf cart imagine wheel at bottom
H Football goal posts
I fence post or old Greek pillar column
J candy cane maybe on Christmas tree
K picnic table on its side
L chair without legs
M Daddy long legs spider see its head in middle
N Indian tent entrance picture tent with the cut out entrance that looks like the letter "N"
O Ball
P tomahawk or balloon with string
Q hoop and stick
R smiley face with legs
S snake coiled
T clothes line pole or power line pole
U Magnet
V upside down Egyptian pyramid or wedge
W wisdom tooth make it a cartoon character smiling
X X marks the spot pirate treasure
Y sling shot
Z bolt of lightning


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