This is a full P-A-O (Person-Action-Object) peg-list using the Major System for each category from 00-99.

You can copy and paste below into your own spreadsheet, or you can download the csv file. 

Number Major PAO
00 SuZanne somers SaSsing SeeSaw
01 SiDdhartha SiTting SuiT
02 SaNta SiNging SNow
03 SuMo SMacking SMore
04 ZoRo SoaRing CiRcle
05 SuLu SwaLlowing SaLad
06 SaCHa (Baron Cohen) SaSHaying SeaSHell
07 ZiGGy SuCKing SoCK
08 (Morey) SaFer SaVing SaFe
09 SPiderman SPanking SoaP
10 TaZ TaZing DaiSy
11 DaTa TaTTooing TiT
12 DiNo TuNing ToNgue
13 ToMMy TiMing DuMMy
14 TaRzan TeaRing DeeR
15 DoLLy (Parton) DueLing ToiLet
16 TaSHa (Yar) DoDGing DiSH
17 TiGGer TiCKling TaCo
18 DaFFy DiVing DoVe
19 TiPPy TaPing TuBa
20 NoSferatu NeSting NoSe
21 kNighT kNiTTing NeT
22 NuNu weaNiNg oNioN
23 NeMo NuMbing gNoMe
24 NuRse NaiRing NeRd
25 NeiL (Armstrong) NaiLing NyLons
26 NaSH NuDGing NaCHo
27 NiCK (Cave) kNoCKing NuKe
28 NeFertiti kNiFing NaVal
29 NaPoleon NaPPing kNoB
30 MaiSy MaCing MooSe
31 MaDonna MuDDying MaT
32 (Mr.) Mooney MooNing MooN
33 MuMMy MiMing MaMMoth
34 MoRk MaRRying haMMeR
35 MeL MeLting MeaL
36 MoJo (Risin) MaCHining MaTCH
37 MiCK (Jagger) MuGGing MiC
38 MuFFy MoVing MuFF
39 MoBy MoPPing MaP
40 ReeSe RaCing RoSe
41 RoD RiDing RaT
42 RoNNy RuNNing RhiNo
43 RaMbo RiMMing RaM
44 ReRun RoaRing RoweR
45 oRweLL RoLLing RoLex
46 ReGis wReTCHing RoaCH
47 RiCKy (Gervais) RaKing RooK
48 RaFFi RaFting RooF
49 RaBBi RiPPing RiB
50 LiZa LaSSoing LaZer
51 LaDy (Gaga) WelDing LighTbulb
52 LiNcoln LeaNing LioN
53 LiMbaugh LiMping LiMe
54 LauRa (Palmer) LoweRing LyRe
55 LoLita LoLLygagging LoLipop
56 LuiGi LeaSHing LeaCH
57 LuKe (Skywalker) LiCKing LoCK
58 LoVey LiFting LuFFa
59 LiBerace LeaPing LiP
60 JeSus JuiCing CHeeSe
61 SHaTner SHiTTing JeT
62 JaNis SHiNing CHaiN
63 JiMi JaMMing JaM
64 CHeR CHeeRing CHeeRios
65 JoeL JaiLing JeLLo
66 CHeeCH JuDGing haSHiSH
67 JoKer CHoKing CHiCK
68 CHeF SHaVing CHieF
69 JoBs CHoPPing JeeP
70 CaStro GooSing GooSe
71 CaTwoman CuTTing CaT
72 CoNan (O’Brien) CaNing GuN
73 KiM (Jong Il) CoMbing GuM
74 KeRmit CRying CRow
75 GLoria GLuing iGLoo
76 (Johnny) CaSH CaTCHing CaSH
77 CooKie (Clown) KiCKing CaKe
78 GoPHer CouGHing CoFFee
79 CaPtain (America hiCCuPPing CaB
80 FoZZy ViSing VaSe
81 FaT (Albert VoTing FooT
82 FoNz FaNNing PHoNe
83 FaMily (Guy) FoaMing oVuM
84 FaRRah FRying FaiRy
85 FLipper FLipping Flea
86 FiSH FiSHing FuDGe
87 ViKing FuCKing FaG
88 FiFi high FiVing FiFe
89 FaBio FaPPing FaBric
90 BuZZ PiSSing BuS
91 BuTler BiTing BuTTer
92 BoNo PaiNting BuNNy
93 PaM (Anderson) BomBing BuM
94 BaRack BuRying BRa
95 PyLe PLowing PiLL
96 BuSH BuTCHering PeaCH
97 BuGs PuKing PiG
98 BuFFy BuFFing BeehiVe
99 PoPeye PoPPing PooP

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