This is a simple list of the rules for the Major System that I used to learn it within Anki. 

You can copy and paste below into your own spreadsheet, or you can download the csv file or the Anki deck. 



Number Rule
0 s, z, soft c = z is the first letter of zero. The other letters have a similar sound.
1 t, d = t & d have one downstroke and sound similar (some variant systems include "th")
2 n = n has two downstrokes
3 m = M has three downstrokes and looks like a "3" on its side
4 r = last letter of four, also 4 and R are almost mirror images of each other
5 l = L is the Roman Numeral for 50
6 j, sh, soft g, soft "ch" = a script j has a lower loop / g is almost a 6 rotated
7 k, hard c, hard g, hard "ch", q, qu = capital K "contains" two sevens (some variant systems include "ng")
8 f, v = script f resembles a figure-8. V sounds similar.
9 p, b = p is a mirror-image 9. b sounds similar and resembles a 9 rolled around
Unassigned Vowel sounds, w,h,y,x = These can be used anywhere without changing a word's number value


Google Sheets

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Anki Version

Do you use Anki? If so, you may be interested in the Anki version of this list that I used. Almost all of my Anki decks come with images and are ready-to-use out-of-the-box. Click the image to the right.