This is an alphabet peg-list using concrete images that are based on the military alphabet that I put together for myself to learn the Military Alphabet: A = Alpha, B = Bravo, etc.

Most of it is from other sources, but I've updated a couple for my own personal tastes.

The format for this is:
Letter | Military Word | Mnemonic Image

You can copy and paste below into your own spreadsheet, or you can download the csv file and Anki deck (with images) below.



Letter Word Image
A Alpha Silverback Gorilla
B bravo Pavarotti
C Charlie Charlie Brown
D Delta shark fin
E echo Alphorn
F foxtrot ballroom dancers
G golf golf club
H Hotel Waldorf Astoria, New York
I India Bindi Dot
J Juliet Juliet
K kilo kilo of cocaine
L Lima lima beans
M Mike microphone (vintage)
N November cranberries
O Oscar Academy Awards
P Papa papadum
Q Québec Canadian flag
R Romeo Romeo
S Sierra saw blade
T tango Bandoneón
U uniform Stewardess
V Victor Victor Borge
W whiskey bottle of whiskey
X x-ray x-ray
Y Yankee feather in cap
Z Zulu Zulu warrior


Google Sheets

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Anki Version

Do you use Anki? If so, you may be interested in the Anki version of this list that I used. Almost all of my Anki decks come with images and are ready-to-use out-of-the-box. Click the image to the right.